Barris had Keith Dean make a D'Replica!
Built for Barris by Keith Dean!
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Dragula Builder's D'Replica
Dragula Builders Car!
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Dennis Taylor's "Dragula Woody" Kory Hoffman's non-working D'Replica
Dennis Taylor's Dragula Woody!  Dennis Taylor's Dragula Woody! Kory Hoffman's non-working D-Replica  Kory Hoffman's non-working D-Replica
AP/John Haig found these pictures
of the Gatlinburg, TN D'Replica
Randy Lehnhardt sent a couple he took 
of the D'Replica at the Volo Museum.
From AP/John Haig  From AP/John Haig  Did I find this one? From Randy Lehnhardt  From Randy Lehnhardt
A Mopar D'Replica  
  A MOPAR D'Replica  A MOPAR D'Replica From Graham Thompson From Graham Thompson From Graham Thompson
I keep getting more, so there's more on the way!

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