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Koach picture autographed by George Barris

I've collected these pictures from various sources.  
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The Crank  The Front Fender  The Front Wheel  The Middle Compartment  The Coachman's Seat 1  The Back Wheel  The Coachman's Seat 2
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The Front Seat  And A TV, Too!  Inside The Roof  The Interior  The Center Compartment  The Front Seat  The End
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Herman & Lily   The Family   Hear that, Grandpa???   The Family   The Family
The Family again...   Closer...   Fred. Shirley, George and Al   Grandpa checks out the cool tires   Screen capture

At the drag strip  Beverly Owens   Another Beverly Owens   AMT Promo Picture   From the Koach kit directions

Koach Side Rear     Grandpa's Gas Pill     Lily & Herman     Herman fixes it... or not...     Another side rear picture
Added 1-22-04
The Front     Yet another side rear picture     The drivers seat     On display
On a party run...     Rented out for a wedding     On a promotional tour    
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade     Koach Illustration     The Koach Show  In Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
These three images courtesy of Barris Kustom!                           
  Right after the test  Instructor in the car  The second test  Yest is done  Bye, bye!
Some TV Snaps of  "Herman's Driving Test" episode 49
Clip 1   |   Clip 2   |   Clip 3
Thanks to AP/John Haig for these RealMedia clips!

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Fred Gwynne's Stand In?     At the Dragstrip...
Is that Fred Gwynne's Stand-In on the left?  Could be...
Herman taking pictures, Grandpa in the Drag-U-La and "Leadfoot" Baylor in the Koach.